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As the capital of England, London is definitely one among the most potent, zestful and fast-paced cities around the globe. It is undoubtedly one of Europe’s financial hubs as well a great place for fashion, art, business and entertainment enthusiasts. It is also a destination for those interested in advancing their educational and career prospects.

London is a popular destination for tourists, top-tier shoppers and revellers due to its diverse culture. The city is continuously evolving as there are various projects going through regeneration, restoration and newly developed ones. The River Thames flows through the city, dividing it into north and south.

Finding Your Dream London Property in Fulham

Fulham lies west of Chelsea and south-west of London and is part of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Compared to posh Chelsea, Fulham is pleasant and affordable. It borders the river Thames giving it an electric feel. It not only boasts of pristine aesthetics but also high-end restaurants, nice homes, an organic market, and an outstanding football club, Fulham Football Club. These put it on one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods that attract culturally diverse demography. Before enlisting the services of a letting agency in Fulham, you need to consider several factors.


A fast underground link is provided by the District line which gives access to central London. It is also a key link to Wimbledon which hosts the famous tennis tournament. There are also several bus routes towards Kensington, Hammersmith, Sloane Square and Putney. There is also a well-connected road network on the A3, M4 and M25.


The area has an excellent selection of top tier schools in primary, secondary, special need schools and higher education institutions. Some of the schools have an impressive OFSTED rating making them sought after institutions. Check details on local schools.

Tips to consider

Search online; – there are several sites that give detailed information and virtual tours. At https://www.spotahome.comyou can spot and block a house before the landlord responds.

Use a reputable agency; – identify reputable letting agents in Fulham like Draker Lettings on have a diverse and expansive knowledge of the area. They will make your search easier and less frustrating.

List your needs; – write down your requirements so that you can keep in mind your exact need. Be sure to set a budget with recurrent bills and agency fee in mind.

Be flexible; – it is possible not to find all the listed requirements but when most of the available amenities favour you, you can reach a compromise and make do with it.

Payment proof; – ensure that you have receipts as payment proof. Credit cards can be used to get more evidence of payment to the agent or landlord.

Inspect property; – make sure to take an inventory of all available furniture and other wares in the presence of the agent or landlord and have it signed. You can also take photos as a reference when moving out.

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